To make our time capsule significant, not only scientifically, but historically, the PR team has been working on a way to represent the University through 1,000 interviews of students, staff, faculty and alumni. As much as we’d like to interview the first batch of interested subjects, we’re attempting to accomplish more than provide content.

Our University is very diverse and, with these diverse backgrounds, each individual interprets Michigan a bit differently. What one student from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan takes our campus for varies from how an exchange student from England sees when they leave their dorm. To represent the current state of the University, we’ve taken our 1,000 interviews are broken them up across the demographics of the school. Categories we’ve used include the most popular majors, non-teaching staff and alumni from each school at the University.

Making sure we cover all of the demographics outlining the University is salient for this project, as we want to students 100 years from now to have a true understanding of what it’s like to attend the University of Michigan right now and live in 2016/2017. Getting candid, pure interviews is our goal. As we start to conduct these interviews, we have anticipated that our hardest challenge will be meeting each category of student. The most eager students may be the easiest to interview, but we wouldn’t be giving students in the future a true overview of our school today. It may be a challenge meeting our guidelines, but it’s important to our mission.