As part of the University of Michigan's bicentennial celebration, M-BARC has set a goal to launch a time capsule into space for 100 years. Because the bicentennial celebration is both about celebrating the past and embracing the future, our space time capsule serves as a tangible way to do both: to showcase how far the University has come in the past 200 years, and also to leave a lasting legacy of who we, members of the University of Michigan community, are now for 100 years down the road. Our time capsule specifically targets four themes within the bicentennial celebration:

  • Pursuing Ideas
  • Creating and Inventing
  • Teaching Powerfully
  • Hail Michigan Forever

With the University’s continued interest and push toward space research as motivation, this time capsule is the first ever to be launched into space, let alone to exist in orbit for a century. As such, M-BARC takes great pride in being the leaders and best on this front.